Projects (Past / Present / Future)

Every year your blood travels 4.3 million miles.
What a wonder you are. The following projects are my attempt at connecting with you.


Type: Photography
Year: 2012 – 2013
Project: 40 minutes with over 200 individuals. Created in Partnership with the City of Boise and supported by the HP Graphics Experience Center. 

Boise VR Project

Type: Community Program
Year: 2012 – 2016
Project: Founded AR/VR program in collaboration with local creatives and businesses. Demoed AR/VR to over 4,000 individuals. Consulted with early stage AR/VR companies. Project transferred to Idaho Virtual Reality Council.

+ –

Type: Videography
Year: 2014
Project: Created for Flying M Coffee Shop’s Valentines for Aids Program. +- was a dual monitor digital experience.


Type: Community Program
Year: 2018 – Present
Project: Developed in Partnership with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Notes asked community members to reflect on the experiences of those the WCA supports by writing letters of encouragement and support.

Virtual Key Light

Type: Interactive Website
Year: 2020
Project: Created in response to the limited supply of video conferencing equipment brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic, VKL allows visitors to use their ultra-wide or dual monitor setups as key lights.

PlasticWorks Lab

Type: Upcycling
Year: 2018 -2020
Project: PlasticWorks was an innovative project designed to bring our community together to address the plastic problem. Our R&D lab is housed in a shipping container in Boise and includes machinery to shred, extrude, and mold discarded plastic into “up cycled” products. It will offer public demonstrations, R&D product testing for interested organizations, and volunteer opportunities for interested community members.