Boise Virtual Reality Project

Established in 2015, the Boise Virtual Reality Project was created to assist early-stage virtual reality companies develop, test, and refine their products and services. Our team provided resources, mentorship, and a collaborative environment. The project brought together a diverse mix of technologists, entrepreneurs, and creatives, all working towards advancing VR technology. The program also focused on community engagement, offering workshops, public demonstrations, and educational programs to raise awareness about virtual reality’s potential. The Boise Virtual Reality Project was merged with the Idaho Virtual Reality Council.

Role: Founder


Developed in Partnership with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Notes asked community members to reflect on the experiences of those the WCA supports by writing letters of encouragement and support. We placed several typewriters in local businesses and collected a hundred notes that were reviewed and shared with the WCA.

Role: Project founder and lead

PlasticWorks Lab

PlasticWorks was an innovative project by Oliver Russell in partnership with Citizen Scientific Workshop to bring our community together to address our plastic problem. The PlasticWorks R&D lab was housed in a shipping container in Boise and included machinery to shred, extrude, and mold discarded plastic into “upcycled” products. It offered public demonstrations, R&D product testing for interested organizations, and volunteer opportunities for interested community members.

Role: I pitched the original concept for PlasticWorks and worked with the internal team at Oliver Russell on scope, budget, and partnership, as well as leading community tours and events.