Jose Angel Saenz is a multimedia artist, social entrepreneur, STEM education evangelist and amateur philanthropist. His work spans a wide-variety of expertise from Music, Photography, Film,  Virtual Reality, Design Thinking and Advising Social Entrepreneurs.

Through these experiences Jose has learned that the most valuable tools in his possession are his community and peers. With this in mind Jose has dedicated the last few years to enabling the dreams of others by creating educational opportunities in his community, providing resources to individuals and organizations, and consulting with nonprofits and startups with an emphasis on social impact. 


Livy - A nonprofit organization on a mission to capture, curate and conserve stories and ideas from individuals around the globe. More importantly, Livy seeks to preserve human knowledge for thousands of years so our species can continue to build upon the insights we've gained so far.

Preservation VR - A new virtual reality venture dedicated to preserving today's people, places and things for future generations to experience and learn from. 

Artifacts - a multimedia project that highlights the relationship between people and the objects that surround them. 

Teather - Uses video, photography, and text to explore the relationship between people, cultures and the unseen world which surrounds us. 


The Virtual Reality Project - Jose Angel Saenz founded the first Boise Virtual Reality Project as an educational outreach program aimed at inspiring the next generation of creatives through the use of popular interactive technology. The Boise Virtual Reality Project has transitioned and is now part of the Idaho Virtual Reality Council of which Jose is an advisory member.

Barn Owl Records - Type: Indie Record Label. Title Held: co-founder

Game Your Way - Type: Video Game/Big Data Start Up. Title Held: President